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Non-Contact level measurement for process and water applications

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Partner for Level and Flow

Excellent price-performance ratio for water supply & sewage applications

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Partner for Level and Flow

Accurate Inventory measurement with Density for retail outlets.

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Partner for Level and Flow

More than 20 different technologies for all your application needs

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Success Stories

Strategic Oil reserves Inventory Management

It is the only system cable of tracking inventory for this application. Challenges – Measurement of product in a cavern 70 m wide and 100 m deep. Product to be measured 35 m from lowest level Solution – Enhanced Servo gauge with a 37m measuring range with 100 m measuring wire

SBEM gets IRS approval for Marine tank Gauging systems.

SBEM gets IRS approval for Marine tank Gauging systems.

Penstock water monitoring in Hydroelectric Power station

It is a stand-alone system for penstock water consumption. Challenges - Measuring flow rate of pipelines with diameter > 5m without pipe invasion / cutting Solution – SBEM 153 Ultrasonic flow meter with a customized sensor clamping design to ensure minimum maintenance


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Certifications & Approvals

SIL2, W&M, IRS, IS & Flameproof, EMI/EMC, NABL, ISO9001

Hydrological Radar 138

A newest addition to SBEM portfolio, the 138 HYD provides superior performance to the ultrasonic level transmitters and is suitable for hydrological applications such as dam, river monitoring.

Inventory Magnetostrictive Probe with Density

Accurate product, water level, temperature and density measurement for underground storage tanks for retail (Petrol & Diesel) outlets.

IRS Approved Marine tank Gauging

Marine tank gauging solutions uses 171 series pressure transmitters & Indicators for tank level measurement and is suitable for a variety of product tanks in vessels including products in hazardous locations.

NABL Accredited Flow Lab

SBEM flow laboratory is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)to ensure accurate calibration and testing of measuring instruments.