Water Balancing System

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Water consumption and usage monitoring at any process plants like Power, Cement

System Components
  • 151 MFM Mag Flow meter
  • 153 UCW Ultrasonic flow meter
  • M2M Multi-input wireless gateway
  • Water Balancing SCADA software

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Application Description

Water balancing systems is used in cement and power plants to monitor the consumption of water across the plant. A complete end to end solution is provided consisting of flow meters (151 MFM or 153 UCW), M2M and a SCADA application to monitor water usage at all withdrawal and consumption points.

Features & Benefits
  • Wireless solutions allows minimum / no cabling
  • Clamp on meter ensure that water at all points can be monitored without cutting onto pipes
  • Heart Beat detection for each device, data logging and events
  • Data for environmental and statutory compliance related to water
  • Area wise / Cluster wise reports
  • Customized reporting
  • Process vs. domestic consumption pattern reports