Strategic Oil Reserves Inventory

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Inventory management for Strategic Oil reserves and is the only system cable of tracking inventory for this application

System Components
  • 139 M Servo Gauge Enhanced range (40 m)
  • 134 TSI Tank Side Indicator
  • 100m multipoint temperature sensor
  • 133 CIU Communication Interface Unit
  • Cavern Inventory management Software

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Application Description

Caverns are strategic oil reserves used for emergency crude oil storageslocated in costal areas. SBEMs cavern management uses an enhanced and re-engineered 139 M servo gauge and tank farm management system to monitor the product level and density and water level of the 100 m long and 70m deep caverns.

Features & Benefits
  • Real Time inventory calculations
  • Flexible grouping based on products/zones
  • Historical trending
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Flow rate calculations for pumping (emptying and filling)
  • Auto Printing
  • Integration with Enterprise systems
  • Alarm management
  • Audit logs for events
  • User management and access control