• Using SBEM proven 134 Series mag probe technology to offer accurate inventory along with fill point indications, separate overfill alarms and a Sales room control & display unit (134 SRI) to offer a complete inventory management for Auto LPG stations.

  • Water balancing systems is used in cement and power plants to monitor the consumption of water across the plant. A complete end to end solution is provided consisting of flow meters (151 MFM or 153 UCW), M2M and a SCADA application to monitor water usage at all withdrawal and consumption points.

  • The system is used to monitor the water consumption, water quality and pipeline pressures in 24x7 water distribution network using SBEM 151 series Mag flow meter and M2M devices. Besides providing real time flow and volume, it also provides seamless integration with the water meter billing system.

  • This system uses SBEM's 153 UCW Ultrasonic clamp on sensors to monitor the water usage on the penstocks lines in a hydro power station. The system generates daily consumption reports that can be easily integrated with the central control and monitoring system.

  • It is an optimum solution for bulk storage tanks in refineries, marketing terminals, petrochemical, chemical complexes. The system/components is suitable for custody transfer applications as per OIML R85 and is SIL2 certified (Functional Safety) for overfill protection.

  • Caverns are strategic oil reserves for emergency crude oil storages located in costal areas. SBEM's cavern management uses an enhanced and re-engineered 139 M servo gauge and tank farm management system to monitor the product level and density and water level of the 100 m long and 70m deep caverns.

  • The system offers accurate level, temperature measurement with graphical PC based software for real-time data for volume, density and mass parameters. The system is also equipped to send SMS at regular intervals or in alarm conditions.

  • SBEM tank gauging solutions uses 171 series pressure transmitters & Indicators for tank level measurement and is suitable for a variety of product tanks in vessels including products in hazardous locations. The system is also certified for use in marine applications.