24x7 Municipal Water Distribution

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Municipal Water distribution projects including 24x7 water supply schemes

System Components
  • 151 MFM Mag Flow meter
  • M2M Multi-input wireless gateway
  • Water Quality Analyzers
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • 24x7 Water supply scheme software

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Application Description

This system is used to monitor the water consumption, water quality and pipeline pressures in any 24x7 water distribution network using SBEM 151 series Mag flow meter and M2M devices. Besides providing real time flow and volume data, it also provides seamless integration with the water meter billing system.

Features & Benefits
  • GPRS based solution with all distribution data points available in central location
  • Seamless integration with the domestic water meter billing system
  • Customized reports for NWR (Non-Revenue Water) calculation
  • Real time data and logging