Case Studies

Smart Tank Data Transmitters 133 STDT, 133 SRM Direct Communicating with DCS

The oil companies needed a cost effective solution to monitor & provide inventory of maintaining high level of accuracy (not obtainable with analog instruments) for their subsidiary tank gauges in pipe line terminals & storage terminal. SBEM provided cost effective solution by marrying the proven Smart tank data Transmitter(STDT) to a protocol converter (SRM) connecting the STDT in to the DCS through a serial MODBUS link.

Take the Advantage of PULSE RADAR for Reliable Level Measurement in COAL BUNKERS & SILOS

SBEM has very narrow-beam Pulse Radar which have a range up to 70 m. Has an built-in aiming device for adjustment of beam to take care of angle of repose of the coal. Cost effective and easy to install & setup. In extreme dust and when level must be known during filling, then the 138 K58 is an excellent choice. It has a small horn, 4”. The horn can be ordered with an air-purge connection, to keep the sensor clean.

Servo Gauge based interface measurement tackling the most difficult level applications

With the Servo Gauge (Model 139M), SBEM has once again proved itself capable to meet the most demanding of customer's applications, breaking new ground in the application of the full-fledged instrumentation technology. Our customer required a solution for accurate carbon disulfide Level measurement. Carbon disulfide (CS2) is stored under water due to its explosive nature. Therefore, the challenge was in measuring the level of CS2. The most challenging part of the application lied in the very small density difference of water and CS2. The heart of the system is the specially designed displacer that makes the solution successful. SBEM expertise and experience in level measurement has allowed designers to tackle this particular challenging application.

Underground Tank Gauging Systems for Automotive LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS)

SBEM has the capability of providing the solution and has proved it several times by providing complete packages for various Automotive LPG Dispensing stations all over India. Level measurement is done through the accurate and reliable measurement technique with magnetostrictive level probes mounted at the top of the tank. Remote indication of Level, Volume and % Volume at fill point (tank side) is made possible with the model 134 H. Indication through an alarm when the tank is 85% filled. All these instruments are PESO & CMRI certified to meet the requirements of installation in hazardous area.