Tank Farm Management System

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Bulk storage tanks in refineries, marketing Terminals, petrochemical & chemical complexes

System Components
  • 139 M Servo Gauge (SIL2)
  • 134 TSI Tank Side Indicator
  • 133 TMP Averaging Temperature Sensor
  • 133 CIU Communication Interface Unit
  • SBTIS Tank Inventory management Software

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Application Description

It is an optimum solution for bulk storage tanks in refineries, marketing terminals, petrochemical, chemical complexes. The system/components is suitable for custody transfer applications as per OIML R85 and is SIL2 certified (Functional Safety) for overfill protection. Other economical tank gauging options like the 133 STDT can also be integrated with the system.

Features & Benefits
  • Most accurate VOLUME based tank inventory with all required measurements by the system
  • Accuracies- Level: ±1mm, Interface Level: ±2mm, Temperature: ±0.2 °C & Density: ±0.005 gm/cc
  • Provides complete Volume inventory with conversions & corrections as per ASTM table
  • Suitable for new as well as in-service tanks
  • Supplied, installed & commissioned on turnkey basis, complete with all cabling & other accessories