Marine Tank Gauging

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Inventory management for on-board tanks for surface ships and submarines

System Components
  • 171 HLT – Hydrostatic level transmitter
  • 171 HLI – Tank Level Indicators

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Application Description

SBEM tank gauging solutions uses 171 series pressure transmitters & Indicators for tank level measurement and is suitable for a variety of product tanks in vessels including products in hazardous locations. The system is also certified for use in marine applications.

Features & Benefits
  • Data acquisition and display
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Historical trending
  • Password protect
  • Alarm annunciation – Audio – Visual
  • Remote Monitoring - Multiple locations
  • Display of volume, percentage volume and other possible parameters
  • Multiple Local Display Units (LDU)
  • Certified for use in hazardous areas
  • Marine Type Approvals