SBEM Tank Inventory Management S/W

A Windows based software package for calculation of inventories at standard temperature by volume or by mass. A menu driven and user friendly navigator provides inventory reports - tank wise, product wise, group wise and in various formats. Data logging, file transfers, networking and interfacing/integrating with supervisory system e.g. DCS, SCADA, LRC, PLC, etc. is possible.
  • Real time tank gauging data.
  • Real time inventory calculations.
  • Hybrid Tank Gauging – ATLG, Servo, Hybrid Servo, Radar etc.
  • API Calculator – Density @ 15°C and Volume Correction Factor.
  • Product wise / Logical tank grouping.
  • Integration with plant’s supervisory network / system on Ethernet / Serial MODBUS.
  • Alarms / Events Management.
  • Historical Trending.
  • Reporting.
  • Leak Detection Alarms.
  • Security / User Manager.
  • Standard / Assignable Product Colors.
Max. no of tanks 128 using 2 nos. 133 – CIU.
Supported Tank Gauging Devices 133 ATLG + STDT, Servo Gauge 139 M, Hybrid Servo Gauge, Radar Gauge.
Inventory Calculations Volume / Mass based.
Inventory Corrections Product Temperature, Base Sediment & Water %, Vapor Inventory.
Operating System Windows 7, 32 bit.
Auto printing (Alarms/Events) On Parallel Port Printer (Continuous stationary)
System requirement 1 or 2 serial RS232 / RS485 ports for CIU.
USB port for hard key.
  • Bulk Storage Tank Farms at Refineries, Marketing Terminals, and Petroleum Storage Depots etc.