191 series Flow Indicator Totalizer

The 191 series of totalizer indicators accepts a 4-20 mAsignal proportional to the flow rate from open channel flow sensor like the 136 ULT, which is then used to calculate the totalized volume. They are available with configurable features like 4-20 mA re-transmission or MODBUS communication and relay outputs (optional).
  • Panel mounted indicator controller with optional 2 alarm/control relays (one for instantaneous and other for totalized flow) and display.
  • Powers and connects with any transmitter.
  • Bright LED display of instantaneous flow and totalized flow.
  • Optional MODBUS RS 232/RS 485 output.
  • Dust proof enclosure with epoxy powder coating.
  • Tamper proof keyboard programming.


Power Supply 110 VAC/230 VAC, ±10%, 50 Hz
Input 4-20mA
Display 2 line LCD display
Accuracy ±0.1% of span +/- 1 digit
Range Std - 0-100%, Optional – 1999 to 9999
Output Up to 2 Nos potential free relay outputs
Retransmission 4-20 mA
MODBUS RTU RS 232 or RS 485
Transmitter Supply 24 VDC.
Dimensions Front facia (mm) - 96X96
Cut out (mm) – 92X92
Depth (mm) - 110
  • Remote indication of flow, totalized flow, etc proportional to the signal transmitted by SBEM transmitters mounted in the field such as Rate of Flow Indicator Transmitter - 104 ROF or Ultrasonic Level Transmitter - 136 ULT.