151 MFM B –Battery operated

151 MFM Battery operated flow meter offers a solution in the all applications where there is no power available. It is suited for water distribution network in remote locations as offers transmission of measured data and events via GPRS and SMS. It also comes equipped with a data logger that can transfer data to a laptop with an easy to use software utility. The sensor design ensures that there is no pressure loss due to constriction.
  • Maximum Range (Velocity): 15 m/s.
  • Meter Sizes: 15 to 600 mm.
  • Process Connection: Flange [ANSI/AWWA/DIN].
  • Electrode Material: SS/Hastalloy C/Tantalum/Titanium.
  • Lining: Rubber/Neoprene/Hard Rubber/PTFE/Polyurethane.
  • Measuring Tube Material: SS304/SS316.
  • Coil Housing Material: CS/SS304/SS316.
  • Graphical LCD display.
  • Integral & Remote versions.
  • Bidirectional Flow Measurement.
  • Built In Self Diagnosis Feature.
  • Empty Pipe Detection.
  • Protection Class: Sensors – IP 67 [std] / IP 68 [For remote versions only], Indicator-Converter – IP 67
  • Optional Earthing Rings.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Optional Pressure Measurement.
Nominal internal Diameter DN (mm) 15 to 600
Working Pressure 6 Kg/cm2 or 10 Kg/cm2 or 16 Kg/cm2
Ambient Temperature 0 °C to +55 °C
Electrode Material Std.-Stainless Steel SS316; Optional - SS316L,HastealloyC, Titanium.
Conductivity of measured liquid >= 50 micro S/Cm
Sensor Lining Rubber/Neoprene/Hard Rubber/PTFE/Polyurethane
Display version Integral or Remotely mounted (Cable Length Max. 10m)
Measuring Tube Material Std. – SS 304, Optional – SS 316
Sensor Housing Material Std. – CS, Optional – SS 304/SS 316
End connection Flanged [ANSI/AWWA/DIN]
Measuring Range Up to 15 m/s
Accuracy +/- 0.5% of flow.
Repeatability +/- 0.2%
Display Graphical LCD
Alarm Indication Sensor Fault (Excitation Open Circuit), Reverse Flow, High / Low Flow, Low Battery, Empty Pipe
Displayed units Totalized flow: m3,L
Instantaneous flow: m3/hr, m3/min, m3/sec, L/hr, L/min, L/sec
Outputs Opto-mos Relay Pulse output, 50 Hz maximum.
Power Supply 3.6 V Battery Pack
Protection Class Sensors – IP 67 [std] / IP 68 [For remote versions only], Indicator-Converter – IP 67
Communication Interface RS 485 (Optional) / GSM/GPRS (Optional)
  • Flow measurement in 24*7 water distribution networks / other applications at locations without power availability.