Ultrasonic Flow Meters 153 Series

  • It is designed for applications where a customer is unwilling or unable to cut into the process measurement line to install an in-line meter. Flow measurement up to 6000 mm can be done on metal and plastic pipes lined or unlined and with composite pipes having clean liquids.

  • The 153 UCH is ideal for conducting verification measurements at existing flow metering points. It is battery operated and as has an in-built data logger which makes it suitable for water auditing purposes. The clamp on design ensures that flow meters can be installed without having to stop the process or cut into the pipe line.

  • 153 UTI is used for accurate flow measurement in closed pipelines and the sensor is welded on to the pipe using a hot tapping technique which allows for process to continue uninterrupted. It can also function as a BTU meter with external temperature sensors. Aseparate installation kit is also available for cement pipes.