Capacitance 103 series

  • Capacitance type Micro controller based Level Indicator Transmitter,103 CLTseries, can be used in a variety of applications for continuous level indication in non-fuming conductive liquids with low or medium viscosity like water, water bound solutions. The same unit can also be used for non-conductive liquids like mineral oils, turbine oils, cooling oils etc.

  • 104 ROF is Rate of Flow indicator for open channel Flow measurement. It utilizes SBEM’s proven capacitance probes with low power Microprocessor based Electronics to give an excellent low cost solution for low measurement in an open channel with Weirs or flumes.

  • It measures Loss of Head (LOH) in the gravity filter beds of Water Filtration plants or Traveling water screens in raw water treatment plants. Loss of head is measured by monitoring the level in High Pressure and low pressure side of the gravity filter/traveling water screen and showing the difference in these two levels.