Electro-Mechanical Tank Gauging

  • A simple, low cost & reliable level gauge, SBEM is a pioneer of the float & tape in India. The level sensing part which is a guided or unguided float is connected to the counter weight called indicator assembly through a SS float cable. The indicator assembly rolls on the gauge boards graduated in terms of level. It is suitable for all types of non-pressurized tanks like cone roof, flat roof, floating roof, underground tanks & tank in service.

  • Available to be fitted with the 133 ATLG, the 133 TS offers a 4-20 mA DC output to provide remote indication of level anda limit switch whose contacts are used for alarm annunciation or remote control applications.

  • Designed to fitted/retrofitted with the 133 ATLG, It is a microprocessor based transmitter for accurate digital conversion and transmission of product level and temperature data of tanks on a multi-drop RS 485 bus. It also provides an optional temperature measurement using an external temperature sensor SBEM’s 133 TMP.