131 T Open Scale Target Reading

A simple, low cost & reliable level gauge, SBEM is a pioneer of the float & tape in India. The level sensing part which is a guided or unguided float is connected to the counter weight called indicator assembly through a SS float cable. The indicator assembly rolls on the gauge boards graduated in terms of level. It is suitable for all types of non-pressurized tanks like cone roof, flat roof, floating roof, underground tanks & tank in service.
  • Simple, low cost and reliable level gauge.
  • Wetted parts available in SS304 / SS316.
  • Suitable for installation on "tank in service".
  • Indicator rolls on the gauge board with the help of Nylon rollers.
  • Can be used for the applications with volatile liquid or inert gas blanketing by using liquid seal assembly.
  • Large numerals visible from a distance.
  • Supplied with all hardware required for installation.
  • Simple installation and commissioning.
  • No maintenance required.
Type Float actuated target reading.
Range Up to 20 meters (Depends on diameter of selected float).
Service Clean and clear non corrosive liquids.
Resolution 10 mm on the gauge board.
Markings On the gauge board, minor markings at every 100 mm in black (40 mm high) and major markings at every 1000 mm in red (70 mm high).
400 dia.         Guided                         0 – 20 m                 +/- 5
300 dia.         Guided                         0 – 10 m                 +/- 10
100 dia.         Unguided                     0 – 3 m                   +/-25 (w/o LS)
                                                                                     +/-45 (with LS)
Fittings (a) Guide wire spring assembly with SS 316 guide wires - 2 Nos.
(b) 900 elbow assembly in cast Aluminium polyurethane painted with SS316 pulley and Teflon bush - 2 Nos.
(c) Guide wire anchor (CS / SS304 / SS316) - 1 No.
(d) Indicator assembly in Aluminium + SS with SS316 float cable - 1 No.
(e) Aluminium polyurethane painted gauge boards { Total Gauge board length = (tank height + 200) mm } with mounting brackets and suitable hardware required as per tank height.
Optional (a) Liquid seal assembly for 200 / 300 / 600 mm WC (water column) with transformer oil as sealant liquid and piping in GI (Optional piping in SS).
(b) Operation checker assembly with wooden handle and nylon rope.
  • Non Pressurized Cone Roof, Flat Roof, Floating Roof, Underground Tanks.
  • RCC tanks.
  • Tanks in Service.