133 STDT Smart Tank Data Tx

Designed to fitted/retrofitted with the 133 ATLG, It is a microprocessor based transmitter for accurate digital conversion and transmission of product level and temperature data of tanks on a multi-drop RS 485 bus. It also provides an optional temperature measurement using an external temperature sensor SBEM’s 133 TMP.

Accessory of 133 ATLG.

Precise level and temperature transmission.

Automatic selection of temperature points for average temperature measurement.

Two way, two wire, digital transmission on RS 485 bus, allows looping of 16 transmitters, reduces cabling.

RS 232 C output for Tank Side Indicator.

PESO approved flameproof housing and intrinsically safe terminals for temperature sensor.

Local (field) level, temperature and alarm status indication.

Microprocessor based intelligent circuitry with self-diagnostics.

Circuitry Microcontroller 80C31 @ 8 MHz, 2 K RAM
Level Measurement & Transmission Through optical encoder.
Range 0-19999 mm
Accuracy +/- 1 mm
Input From sprocket shaft of SBEM or any other make of tank level gauge
Temperature Measurement & Transmission (optional) Using external temperature sensor
Range -100.0 to +100.0° C
Accuracy +/- 0.2° C
Resolution +/- 0.1° C
Sensor type Pt-100 Spot / Averaging (Multi-point). Maximum 14 points Selection through solid state electronic multiplexer
Transmission to Communication Interface Unit 2 Way / 2 wire RS 485 ASCII coded
Transmission to Tank Side Indicator Serial RS 232C
Baud rate 1200 (standard)
2400 (optional)
Data Protection Longitudinal and vertical parity check.
Inbuilt Display (Optional) 4 ½ digit, ½" high, 7 segment LCD to display sequentially - Level in mm - Temperature in C - Alarm status and diagnostics
Diagnostics In-built
Power Supply 110 VAC, ±10%, 50 Hz, 1 mains isolated, 4 VA
Ambient Operating Temperature 0 to +60° C
Relative Humidity 95% max. (non condensing)
Transmitter Housing Cast Aluminium LM6
Protection Flameproof to IS/IEC 60079-1:2007, Zone 1, Gr. IIA & IIB
Weatherproof IP65 as per IS/IEC 
Terminals for temperature sensor Intrinsically safe to IS 5780- temperature 1980, Ex ia IIA and IIB T6

Two wire digital transmission of ATLG level, temperature and alarm status for remote indication.

ATLG based Tank Farm Management System.

Petroleum, Refineries, Chemicals, Petrochemicals.