133 ATLG Automatic tank level gauge

A Float & Tape type Level Gauge for level measurement of clear liquids in large bulk storage tanks - Cone Roof, Floating Roof, Underground, Reservoirs & Sumps, etc. The use of a large diameter float & constant force spring ensures high accuracy & reliability.
  • High accuracy float operated gauge.
  • Variety of applications in Petroleum, Refineries, Chemicals, Petrochemicals.
  • Scope of supply includes all accessories for mounting.
  • Accessories for remote control / indication.
  • Optional Crank Up mechanism to hoist the float.
  • Forms the basis of level measurement in the float gauge based Tank Inventory Management System.
Type Float & Tape.
Ranges 0-8 m, 0-12 m, 0-16 m, 0-22 m
(For higher range consult factory)
Indication In millimeters (5-digit mechanical counter)
Temperature 0° C to 120° C
Resolution 1 mm
Accuracy ±2mm with 400 mm diameter float for liquid of specific gravity=1
  • Bulk Storage Cone Roof, Floating Roof, Underground Tanks.
  • RCC tanks (Reservoirs / Sumps).
  • Tanks in Service.
  • Petroleum, Refineries, Chemicals, Petrochemicals