Level Switches

  • The level switch uses a float magnetically coupled to a micro switch. The float movement is transmitted through a solid non-magnetic wall by the repulsion of like magnetic poles.These switches are side mounted in weatherproof or flameproof housings with electric ON - OFF versions. SBEM level switches are absolutely leak proof & are not subject to material fatigue due to gland less design. For corrosive applications, a switch with wetted parts in PP is available.

  • The level controller using a float magnetically coupled to a pneumatic control mechanism. It is specifically designed for providing pneumatic pressure output proportional to level, directly or inversely depending on desired control action. Its major applications are for control of pneumatic valves, dampers & actuators in process control. Controllers are in aluminum housing. Bellow assemblies for used in liquids with suspended particles.

  • The 137 Top mounted with displacer series of level switches are available for a wide variety of applications with P series for liquid densities from 0.7-0.9 gm/cc & D for densities > 0.9 gm/cc. with measuring range up to 20m. They are available in 1, 2 & 3 set points with weatherproof & flameproof versions for hazardous locations.

  • Capacitance Type Level Switch 114 MLS uses SBEM’s proven capacitance technology and is available in remote and integral configurations with up to 2 set points.They can be used in a variety of application for detecting/controlling level of liquids like water, water bound solutions, oils, Chemicals. They can also be used for solids. A wide option of electrodes to cover variety of applications is available.

  • 114 RFS with coat-safe electrode has been specially designed for detecting level of fly ash in ESP hoppers and other high temperature duties for solids, where low dielectric produces a very small change in capacitance. It is available in remote and integral options.

  • Series 130 IC is an Integral controller while RC is a remote controller. The electronics for various applications is housed on top of electrode assembly. The device is most suitable for a variety of applications, in non-fuming conductive liquids like water, Water bound solutions as well as corrosive liquids like acids and alkalis etc.

  • Paddle type level switch, 135 LC series is a simple, modularly built reliable switch for level control of a wide variety of free flowing solids. These ruggedly built switches in weatherproof enclosure offer a lifetime of trouble free service. They are used for level detection of free flowing powders / granules / solids in the hoppers, bins and silos.