Paddle Type 135 LC

Paddle type level switch, 135 LC series is a simple, modularly built reliable switch for level control of a wide variety of free flowing solids. These ruggedly built switches in weatherproof enclosure offer a lifetime of trouble free service. They are used for level detection of free flowing powders / granules / solids in the hoppers, bins and silos.  
  • Cast Aluminium polyurethane painted weather proof enclosure conforming to IP-65.
  • Separate cable entries for supply and control.
  • Specially designed motor which does not burn under locked rotor condition.
  • Specially designed PTFE lip seal to prevent ingress of dust particles into main enclosure.
  • SS flexible coupling to prevent mechanical shocks to the gear box.
  • Fixed / adjustable shaft extensions to suit the functional requirement.
  • Field replaceable paddle assembly, to suit various applications.
  • Optional air purging facility (Inbuilt for collet extension & high temperature standoff versions and optional for other versions.)
  • Optional dust seal assembly for fine particles less than 100 microns.
  • Various Process Connection options.
Mounting flange Standard - 204 mm f, 10 mm thick with 6 holes of
10 mm f on 178 mm PCD.
Optional - Any other size and type of flange.
(Minimum 125 NB or 5").
Shaft extension Up to 1000 mm for side mounting.
Up to 3000 mm for top mounting.
Drive motor Type: Shaded pole.
Insulation class `B'.
Power rating - 15 VA.
Alarm contacts 1 change over contact.
Contact rating Standard - 5 Amps @ 230 VAC (Resistive).
Optional - 10 Amps @ 230 VAC (Resistive).
Terminations Suitable for 2.5 mm 2 conductor (max).
Paddle speed Approximately 4-5 rpm.
Output torque of gear box (externally adjustable) < 2>
Weight 5.8 Kgs (With standard extension of 150 mm)
No of vanes 1, 2, 4 (standard) / others (optional) in SS304 or SS316.
  • Control the level in cement, fertilizers, nylon / PVC chips or pellets, detergents, tooth paste, food, grain, pulverized coal, limestone, milk powder etc.