RF Admittance 114 RFS

114 RFS with coat-safe electrode has been specially designed for detecting level of fly ash in ESP hoppers and other high temperature duties for solids, where low dielectric produces a very small change in capacitance. It is available in remote and integral options.
  • Integral and remote mounting versions.
  • Transducer molded in epoxy for shock and corrosion resistance.
  • Sturdy electrode to withstand impact due to clinkers.
  • Alumina insulated electrode capable of withstanding 3000C with High Temperature Stand Off (HTSO).
  • Coat-Safe electrode to overcome problem of process material build up.
Input Voltage signal from transducer in probe head
No. of set points One
Relay Contacts 2 C/O, 2A @ 230 VAC/28 VDC (resistive)
Alarm Probe Failure Alarm (optional)
Fail Safe Feature Failsafe high or low (user selectable)
Time Delay 0 - 200 sec adjustable
Controls Potentiometer to set: Level Alarm and Time Delay
Environmental conditions Temperature - 0 to 550C
Relative humidity - 95% max (non condensing)
Cable Entries ½" NPT(F) or 3/4” UNF(F) (optional)
Without Probe failure Alarm: 2 Nos.
With Probe Failure Alarm: 3 Nos.
Termination Suitable for 1.5 mm2 conductor size
Cabling between Switch & Probe Head 3x1.5 mm2 Cu. cable – Up to 100 m
Enclosure Weatherproof, cast aluminium polyurethane
painted, conforming to IP-65.
suitable for surface / Pipe Mounting.
Enclosure Weatherproof, cast aluminium polyurethane
painted, conforming to IP-65.
Cable Entry 1 No., 1/2" NPT or 3/4"(optional)
High Temperature Stand Off (HTSO) 350 mm in MS with SINDANO flange
  • Level of Fly Ash in ESP hoppers.
  • High temperature, low dielectric duties for solids.