Top Mounted Displacer 137 D/Y/P

The 137 Top mounted with displacer series of level switches are available for a wide variety of applications with P series for liquid densities from 0.7-0.9 gm/cc & D for densities > 0.9 gm/cc. with measuring range up to 20m. They are available in 1, 2 & 3 set points with weatherproof & flameproof versions for hazardous locations.
  • Weatherproof or Flameproof versions.
  • Up to 3 adjustable set points.
  • Wetted parts in Polypropylene for chemical applications.
  • Optional accessories like External Cage, Weldable nozzle / flange, Still Well can be provided.
  • Standard / Split Displacer.
Measuring Range 300 mm (Min.).
20,000 mm (Max.).
Operating differential Standard: 25 ±10 mm (Max.).
Optional: adjustable.
Accuracy +/- 10 mm
Temperature Range 00 C to 1500 C (Std.)
00C to 3500 C (Optional for WP version)
Output One/Two c/o @ 5A, 230 VAC (Resistive) per set point.
Terminals Suitable for 2.5 mm2 , conductor size
Working pressure WP version: 10 Kg/Cm2 (Max.)
FLP version: 10 to 40 Kg/Cm2
Wetted parts SS 316
Enclosure Weatherproof to IP-67 as per IS/IEC 60529:2001
Flameproof enclosure as per IS/IEC 60079-1:2007 Suitable for Gr IIA, IIB, IIC (For FLP version)
Density WP version: 0.9 to 1.2 Kg/m3(mainly for water duty)
FLP version: 0.7 to 0.9 Kg/m3 (mainly for petroleum products)
  • Level Alarm Contacts for Water, Petroleum and chemical duties.