Level Transmitters

  • Pulsed Radar based Level transmitter series 138, offers non-contact, maintenance free continuous level indication for bulk solids & liquids. 26 GHz high-frequency radar pulses which are emitted & get reflected from the medium surface due to a change of the relative dielectric constant & time taken between pulse emission & reception is detected to give accurate level results across varied applications.

  • The Ultrasonic instruments are based on the time of flight principle, with ultrasonic sensor emits a pulse train & they are reflected back from the liquid surface. The time taken to return is proportional to the level. SBEM provides 2-wire as well as a battery operated version.

  • 134 series Mag probes are based on interaction of the magnet with an electronic pulse through a magnetostrictive wire. A float containing a magnet moves along the measuring tube as the level changes. The Mag Probe is used in LPG & retail outlets & is capable of measuring level, interface & density.

  • Capacitance level sensors are field proven & cost-effective solution for continuous level measurement. Available in remote & integral field configurations & a range of sensors for conductive & non-conductive liquids.

  • SBEM offers numerous products based on the float & tape measurement principle. They offer proven, cost effective, & rugged tank level measurement solutions with an optimal mix of electronics & mechanical features to suit the applications. Instruments include the fully mechanical float & gauge board 131 series to electromechanical 133 ATLG with a Smart Tank Data Transmitter.

  • A Float & Tape type Level Gauge for level measurement of clear liquids in large bulk storage tanks - Cone Roof, Floating Roof, Underground, Reservoirs & Sumps, etc. The use of a large diameter float & constant force spring ensures high accuracy & reliability.

  • The 139M Servo Gauge is an intelligent, microprocessor based instrument for accurate measurement of product level, interface level, density & temperature. It is used for custody transfer & inventory control applications & meet the requirements according to OIML R85 & is SIL2 certified (Functional Safety) for overfill protection applications in hazardous locations.

  • Hydrostatic sensors provide Continuous level measurement in liquid applications using pressure sensors. The submersible probe consists of a measuring cell, two wire transmitters & a special cable with vent tube. The level signal is determined by the pressure difference between the water column over the probe & atmospheric pressure. They are used in tube wells & tanks, submersible or installed outside.