136 ULT BO Battery Ultrasonic

Using the same proven sensor technology as the 136 ULT, the 136 series battery powered ultrasonic level meter is suitable for use in difficult to access and remote locations that have no power. The meter comes equipped with an in built data logger and wireless GSM transmitter and with configurable sampling intervals the battery can last up to 5 years*.
  • Operates on internal installed Lithium Battery.
  • Battery life up to 5 years (Under specified configuration).
  • Built in data logger.
  • Built in GSM module.
  • 128x64 Graphical LCD display.
  • Rugged Weatherproof IP68 Construction.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Microcontroller based: Self Diagnostic Functions, Password Protection.
  • Dormancy mode for power saving during storage and transportation.
  • No moving parts: High Reliability, Maintenance Free.
Measuring Range 4 m / 8 m
Accuracy +/- 0.2 % of the sensor range (under optimum / stable conditions)
Repeatability +/- 0.1 %
Resolution 1 mm
Dead Band 0.25 m for 4 m / 0.35 m for 8 m
Sensor Material Polypropylene
Housing Material Aluminium PU painted
Process Connection Flanged
Operating Frequency 65 KHz for 4 m / 43 KHz for 8 m
Operating Temperature 0 to 55° C
Operating Pressure Atmospheric
Sampling / Update Interval Minimum 15 min to Maximum 24 Hrs
GSM output Periodic (Data Send Interval) SMS on maximum 5 mobile numbers.
RS 485 output 2 wire half duplex Modbus RTU protocol with configurable baud rates.
Data Logger With 512 kb memory (Can hold up to 29 k records)
USB port Used for configuration and fetching of logged data
  • Elevated Storage Reservoirs
  • Ground Storage Reservoirs
  • Liquid level measurement at difficult to access / remote locations without power.